My Favorite Things: February 2016

Technically it’s already spring in Japan, but the weather is still too cold for comfortable walks…so what’s keeping me busy and happy? February’s pretty much known for Valentine’s Day so I guess I’ll start off with

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My favorite things: January 2016

At the behest of my friend Raisa, I’m listing down some of the things I’ve been into lately. With winter in full swing, going out for walks isn’t quite as pleasant as it usually is. Most of the time I’m cooped up in my apartment, wrapped in a blanket, and keeping busy with…

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Outside the station


I rarely leave Tokyo. Usually my travels outside the city are spurred by events and concerts. The first time I left the Kanto region was this past September when my family took me on a graduation trip to Osaka and Kyoto.

But a few days ago I decided to go to Nikko up in Tochigi Prefecture to watch a hockey game between Japan’s national women’s hockey team Smile Japan and the NWHL’s New York Riveters. It was the first day-trip I took outside of Kanto and a welcome break from the city. Read More

The first step

One of my biggest accomplishments in the past two years was a three-hour walk from Shibuya to Akihabara. It would’ve probably taken less time if there had been a road that directly links the two, but Tokyo doesn’t exactly make traveling on the road that easy.


The Yamanote Line drawn (poorly) by the writer

I wish I could say that I did it for fun or for exercise. Sadly that’s not the case. I had errands to run and ¥120 in my wallet and train pass combined. Luckily, I had a lot of time in my hands and comfortable shoes on my feet so I ended up walking across Tokyo (the metropolitan part at least).

That experience taught me a lot about where things are in the city. By taking public transportation—particularly the subway—sometimes it becomes easy to forget the places in between. It was also a chance to see how different wards of the city transitioned from one part to another, not in a blur from a car or bus window but through a prolonged process.

Of course,  I still take the train whenever I can, but some days I try to take some time off to walk and explore. And I want to share those days here.